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  1. PM 

    « On ne peut pas émouvoir sans que le trouble soit en jeu »
    Georges Bataille (Edition of the first volume of Georges Bataille’s work edited in La Pléiade, Paris, 2004)

    Peter Morrens is one of those who dedicate themselves to a sort of Italian ‘combinazione’, a complex manoeuvre made of arrangements that serve facts, fiction and lies. The artist who fuses ideas and reacts to all stimuli shapes a visual production that explodes in all directions.

    Peter Morrens uses a variety of techniques: drawing, printing, painting and photograph, he also writes and constructs installations, interfering in the space itself. Occasionally, he also shoots films and projects his recordings in an arranged environment. He produces performances or better the settings in which the performance takes place. He edits sounds, his own voice and texts taking into account their modulation. He then crosses the visual procedures in such a way that they all clash amongst themselves and in the end troubles the spectator. He rocks and overthrows the ordinary perception we have of an event.

    Peter Morrens uses different names and labels (PM, Herman Smit, WAARnemer en Point Blank Press): these are not heteronyms or pseudonyms, but in fact they represent different artistic techniques connected to certain worries that the artist dissects and thenuses to produce a combined oeuvre.