Peter MorrensĀ©

Gemaakt met

  1. Is Herman Smit a traditional painter from the past who works out in the open, an observer who since 1993 has been drawing, sketching and composing the landscape and the portrait using pencil, charcoal, watercolour paints and ink? Or maybe only the drawings exist in reality and the Herman smit is a construction to toy around with?
    The name Herman Smit comes from a commemorative plaque for a hiker who died in the valley of the Tarn, France. High up in the mountains, it is written: ‘HS died sliding while trying to cross the river’. He was 29, the same age as PM when he came across this ghostly image. There is more then just the one coincidence. It is a meeting with another being who just like the artist enjoyed these dazzling hights and the unassailable view they offer. On this vertiginous position amidst the rock formations, Peter Morrens makes the fall of the other man his own.That way, his practice of classical drawer takes the shape of a realm artistic engagement diverted from ’out of fashion’ technique pledging for some ‘behind his time’ production.