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  1. Peter Morrens is Co-founder and artistic director of the artist initiative VOORKAMER and was launched in 1996 together with Rik De Boe in Lier, a provincial town between Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium. Since 2006 VOORKAMER is housed in the Holy Ghost site, a large scaled venue in the center of the city, that dates back to the 17th century. On a yearly basis VOORKAMER features a range of solo and group shows of contemporary visual artists from Belgium and abroad. Next to exhibitions in the Holy Ghoste site, Voorkamer organises projects in the public space and teams up with other artist initiatives.

    VOORKAMER presents a diverse view on what contemporary art could be and stimulates an active dialogue between the artists and the public. Voorkamer offers the possibility to the artist to work without any commercial pressure and offers the time and space to work on projects which would be harder to accomplish elsewhere.
    Besides, VOORKAMER aims for a deeper understanding of the artists vocabulary by organizing happenings and talks, and publishing publications and multiples.
    The artistic program is set out by artists. Using their own artistic practice as a starting point they try to present an alternative model on curatorship , through which every facet of the creation of exhibitions - from conceiving concepts to the physical execution of productions - is questioned and explored.

    VOORKAMER is structurally funded by the Flemish Government.

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